Monday, July 2, 2018

Minoo Falls

After being [living] in Osaka for almost a year, I finally made it to Minoo Falls. Next time, I'll bike up here.

Friday, January 5, 2018

A Few From California

18mm f8 30sec

This was my first attempt to recreate a shot I made a few years back. I tried again, but this time the sprinklers came on and I couldn't finish it. 

When I checked the shot in the camera, it looked better than what I see here, but I could see that there was a potential to get the full circles. 

So, I tried again.

18mm f8 30sec
This time, I could get the circles, but they were faint. That could be because my ISO wasn't high enough, or from the lights on the porch being intermittently turned on. 

18mm f8 30sec
This one has very faint start rails because of the moon. 

18mm f8 30sec
These are good. But, I brought the wrong lens along on this trip. Last time I was here I had an 11mm lens which was great for sky pictures. Next time ...

So, when I set up for this shot, I got too close. It could have been much better had I been several feet back.

18mm f8 30sec
I took this on my last night in CA. It was very dark and cold, and I had to set up on top of the barrier wall. There were a bunch of teenagers around celebrating the legalization of marijuana a few days early. 

I wonder if the lights in the area are now too bright for star trails ... Then again, I probably just screwed up.

Komyoji Autumn Colors


After moving to Kansai, there was a long list of things I wanted to do; places I wanted to see in the right season. 

One of those places was Komyoji Temple in Kyoto in autumn. Just take a look at some shots that have come from here.